Masculine nouns are words for men and boys, and male animals.
Feminine nouns are words for women and girls, and female animals.
Here are some masculine and feminine nouns for people.

Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
grandson granddaughter actor actress
boy girl brother sister
man woman emperor empress
prince princess father mother
steward stewardess master mistress
waiter waitress nephew niece
bridegroom bride son daughter
headmaster headmistress gentlemen lady
king queen uncle aunt

Masculine nouns belong to the masculine gender.
Feminine nouns belong to the feminine gender.
Here are some masculine and feminine nouns for male and female animals.
Animal Masculine Feminine
chicken rooster hen
cattle bull cow
deer buck doe
donkey jack jenny
duck drake duck
fox fox vixen
goose gander goose
horse stallion mare
lion lion lioness
sheep ram ewe
tiger tiger tigress

Many nouns are used for both males and females. We call these nouns common-gender nouns.
dancers doctors
hairdressers scientists
accountants parents
artists managers
designers pupils
engineers singers
lawyers teachers

Words for things that are neither male nor female are called neuter nouns.
bench leaves
mirror fire
waterfall ball
forest cake
rock computer
sky wind
card floor

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